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Welcome to HiLITE Group Educational Initiatives!

We are a young, passionate and ambitious group keen on making a difference to students in the educational field. We are fortunate to be in India where knowledge and education has always been emphasized as a key to success in life by all parents. It is no wonder that India is in the fore front of developing knowledge-based model citizens since time immemorial. The saying, “Mata, Pita, Guru, Deivam” aptly summarizes the significance and respect placed on teachers, education and knowledge by our society.

We believe that to be meaningful, education has to be holistic, and equip students with the wherewithal to explore their innate strengths, learn and succeed in their chosen field in the global economy and help create a better world.

We enable students achieve their varied aspirations by offering national and various international curricula. Already offering the popular CBSE national curriculum, we have obtained Edexcel affiliation to offer the Edexcel program from K-XII beginning 2016-2017. We have initiated the process of becoming a Candidate IB School.

With this end in view, we are building world class education facilities with residency services in a Knowledge Village in the green outskirts of Calicut. A well-known place of historic interest and culturally vibrant, Calicut has a salubrious climate and excellent living facilities in “God’s own country” Kerala, a state with 100% literacy.